Ignite Business Networking Format

Understandably if you haven’t attended, or have been to very few, business networking events you are going to be nervous or not sure what is expected of you. To help you be prepared and so you get the maximum benefit from your business networking we have developed a half day workshop. For more information please visit our Business Networking Skills Workshop Page. Anyone can attend these workshops but Ignite Business Club Members get the maximum discount.

Example of meeting format

7.30 am – Members & Visitors start to arrive, sign in, pay if required, order food

8.00 am – Meeting starts – Welcome and Intro.

8.05 am – Five Minute Snippet (a piece of advice/information/idea that you can use in your business straight away that will make a difference to your business quickly or over time)

8.10 am – 60 Second Round (Members & Visitors alike have sixty seconds to introduce their business to everybody in the room. If numbers are high this may be reduced to 30 seconds)

8.40 am – Collect your breakfast roll & refresh  your tea and coffee

8.50 am – From this point on the meeting varies from week to week. For example:

  • Every four weeks we invite a Keynote Speaker to present to the members. This speaker is carefully selected to bring the most knowledge or insight on a subject for our members to benefit from. The speakers are asked to remain after the meeting for members to meet and talk to.
  • Members may book a five or ten minute slot to talk in more detail about their business.
  • 15/20 minute speaker a speaker who has information or knowledge to impart which will benefit the businesses of those present.
  • A skills training section usually drawn from one of our training courses the content of which those present can use in their business straight away.

9.20 am – Visitors are invited to find out more about membership.

9.25 am – Round up – news of future opportunities – photo op

9.30 am – Meeting ends – All may stay and Open Networking, 1-2-1

Note: Occasionally a meeting may be extended for a particular speaker. Members will be notified four weeks in advance. 

All who attend an Ignite Business Networking Event are welcome to bring along a roller banner to place at the edge of the room, plenty of business cards and flyers to put on the promotional items table.

Keynote Speakers are invite only speakers

15/20 minute speakers are either non member entities such as Trading Standards, Business Wales etc. or a member who is considered an expert in their field.

Five or ten minute speakers are any member who wishes to talk about their business in more detail.

If on arrival you are unsure in any way please speak to any of the following for help:

Barry Finnis

Jon Berg

Carmen Gresa-Alemany

Richard Jones

Angella Jones

Geoffrey Griffiths

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